Curriculum Design

Pupils in S1 follow an Integrated Science course taught by staff from the Physics, Chemistry and Biology departments. This course is in line with Curriculum for Excellence guidelines. Thinking Science lessons provide opportunities for Problem Solving and experience in using scientific method.
Pupils in S2 study discrete Sciences taught by subject specialists. Again the course learning outcomes are determined by Curriculum for Excellence guidelines.
S3 pupils are continuing the “broad general education” although will have had to have chosen biology as discrete science. They study mainly cell related topics from CfE level 4 and National 4 and 5 material.
S4 pupils currently study Standard Grade Biology at General/Credit level or Intermediate 1/Access level Biology.
S5/6 pupils may choose a subject from the Higher Still menu including Intermediate 2 Biology, Higher Biology, Higher Human Biology or Advanced Higher, depending on their prior attainment at Standard Grade/Higher.
The SQA website is an extensive resource giving detailed course descriptors for each of the Higher Still and Standard Grade courses.