Higher Biology

Higher Biology
Entry Qualifications:
Students would normally be expected to have attained a Credit award (KU and PS) in Standard Grade Biology or Intermediate 2 grade B
Course content:
There are 3 units:
• Cell Biology
Cell ultrastructure, absorption and secretion of substances by cells, photosynthesis, respiration, nucleic acids, protein synthesis, plant and animal defences against disease.
• Genetics and Adaptation
Meiosis (cell division during gamete formation), dihybrid inheritance, linkage of genes, mutation, artificial and natural selection (theory of evolution), water balance in animals, movement of water through plant tissues, plant and animal adaptations to their environment (including animal defensive behaviour and foraging).
• Control and Growth
Patterns of animal and plant growth and regeneration, genetic control of growth, animal hormones and plant growth substances, the effect of light and dark periods on plant growth and flowering. Homeostasis and control of the body’s internal environment. Population dynamics.
Students are required to pass three end of unit assessments during the session, complete a prelim examination during the spring term and submit an investigation report. An overall Higher award comprises three unit passes, an investigation report and satisfactory completion of a national SQA examination.
Regular completion of homework assignments is essential to consolidate class work. Assignments include KU and PS questions, extended response writing and data interpretation. In addition students are expected to read over their notes and relevant sections of the text book regularly and learn their work thoroughly. Students have access to the Scholar website in school or at home .There are notes, animations, simulations and assessments online. A tutor will also respond to questions submitted by e mail and there is a student discussion forum.

Advanced Higher Biology. Use of the Higher as a qualification for entry into Further Education science courses HNC/HND/degree in medicine, forensics, biochemistry, agriculture, vet, nursing, marine biology etc. Use of the Higher as part of a broad education, seeking employment.