S1 Science

S1 Integrated Science
The S1 Integrated Science Course has been updated in line with Curriculum for Excellence experiences and outcomes. The update has been completed with the help of the three science departments, biology, chemistry and physics.
The pupils will work through 4 topics are present – An introduction to Science, Energy, Biological Systems, It’s Elementary.
Teaching and learning is supported by the use of a jotter to record information gained as a result of the practical work carried out.
Assessment and Reporting
Formal assessment is given on the completion of each unit, which will involve a test, level and progress will be recorded for each pupil. An assessed investigation will be carried out for each unit also.
Staff will be asked to record their class marks and levels on the server for collation of results for the whole cohort. Staff will be issued with guidelines for reporting.
Science staff will meet during the session to discuss various issues that have arisen and any difficulties that they have had with the materials being used. Feedback is given to the department responsible for the development of each unit so that necessary changes are made.
Thinking Science
All S1 classes are using Thinking Science program to enhance their use of scientific method and to improve their problem solving skills in Science and other subjects. The first five lessons of “thinking skills” should be covered by all S1 pupils with other lessons possible as the course progresses through S1. Classroom teachers integrate the lessons regularly into their personnel plan for their class.
Pupils regularly use ICT to enhance their learning experience. Science Departments have access to the ICT suites around the school as well as the ICT rooms in the Biology and Chemistry departments. All classrooms have computers for pupils to access too.
Tracking Pupil’s Progress
After completion of the Energy unit the pupils will have experienced their first assessment and be familiar with the process of teaching and learning/homework/revision and assessment. This information can be used by staff to ensure the needs of all pupils are met in class. Success/ effort/ improvement should be recognised and celebrated with praise and where appropriate positive referrals.